(Shown with optional water-cooled housing)

The miniaturized MV-103 lens mounts directly to the camera head.

The unit features a motorized iris, motorized filter and motorized focus, all of which can be controlled from a distance of 100 feet!

Filtering of the arc is achieved by a combination of an infrared cut-off filter, a neutral density filter, a polarizer and the variable density D.O.T. filter.

By adjusting the iris and by varying the density of the D.O.T. filter, the operator can clearly distinguish the size and shape of the weld puddle and still be able to accurately track the weld seam.

The KV-35 lens is optimized for a working distance of 5" to 10" from the lens front to the weld puddle. However, this distance can be modified to suit individual requirements. At 6" from the weld puddle on a typical 13" video monitor, magnification is approximately 10X, giving the operator a very clear view of the weld area.

The KV-35 measures only 1.532" (H) x 1.625" (W) x 5.125" (L) - including the camera!

A 2X range extender placed between the lens and the "C" mount adapter will double the magnification.