Stenning’s new Video Lens Control LC-102 eliminates the need to reset the iris and filter functions of all Stenning lenses. It is now totally automatic.

Your existing Stenning systems can be easily retrofitted with this new feature.

Selectable presets allow the Iris to close and the Filter to adjust with the touch of the Cycle button, so you don’t lose any of your weld pass images. When the weld pass is done, simply press the Reset button and the lens opens for you to review and inspect your weld. These functions are capable of being incorporated into your systems control to make it even easier to use! New power line filtering has been added to help stabilize the camera image.

New sealed toggle switches for Iris, Focus, Filter, Zoom, and Pan & Tilt functions mean longer switch life and better lens control.

Panel Specifications:

Standard 19” (wide) X 3.5” (tall) X 6” (depth) rack mountable panel
Input: 110 or 220 VAC
Output: 12 VDC Camera Supply, 12 VAC Lamp Supply