Stenning Instruments is shaping the future of Weld Monitoring Camera Systems.
Utilizing state of the art CCD technology and superior optical design, Stenning's advanced systems are uniquely compact, simple to set up, economical and trouble free.

The Stenning line of products is ideally suited for all welding applications including:
TIG, MIG, Plasma Arc, Laser & Electron Beam

STENNING INSTRUMENTS, INC. specializes in the design and manufacture of remote VISION SYSTEMS for weld monitoring, robotics and quality control.

The Stenning expertise lies in the miniaturization of high quality optics and the motorization of assemblies to meet the current industry demand.

Stenning D.O.T. Filter

Available on all Stenning systems is the motorized Variable Intensity D.O.T. Filter which allows the operator to view the tip of the welding electrode on the screen while still viewing the surrounding area. The density of the D.O.T. is variable, making it possible to see the weld puddle clearly at levels as low as 5 amps and as high as 600+ amps.

Miniature CCD Color Video Camera System

Recent developments in solid-state "chip" or CCD technology have produced video cameras, which eliminate some of the dangers inherent in the old tube type cameras. Stenning's CCD cameras can actually be aimed at intense bright lights without any danger to the sensing elements. They feature a 1/2 inch interline transfer CCD. Automatic electronic shutter with speeds to 1/50,000 second instantly compensates for varying arc light levels. Resolution of 768 lines (H) x 494 lines (V) and color images provide the operator with highly detailed pre-weld, in-process-weld and post-weld images.